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Go faster, sail higher & improve your sailing skills with MAX. MAX is the number one training- and racing instrument in the market.

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SKU SM - MAX 1 Category

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  • MAX
  • Inductive charging pad
  • Mounting bracket
  • Protective cover


Please notice our MAX manual is only available online. Thanks to the high number of software updates, the manual changes a lot. Please download the latest version of the MAX manual in PDF here


Sailmon App


Height: 93mm
Width: 118,5mm
Depth: 22mm
Weight: 275g

Buttons and Connectors
1) Soft keys for calibration and line ping
2) Inductive charging pad
3) Soft keys for menu navigation, & start controls

320 x 240 pixels 4,4” transflective LCD
Anti reflection frontglass, for maximum viewability

Power & Battery
3600mAh lithium-polymer battery for
All day battery use
Wireless charging (IP67)

– Bluetooth
– WiFi (2.4GHz)
– Sailmon App

25hz multi GNSS constellation GPS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou)
9 DOF IMU for heading heel & pitch

MAX (and the Sailmon App) is all you need to become a better sailor. See which features/data you can use to go faster, sail higher & improve your sailing skills.

Data before (start function with)
– Time to Start
– (Estimated) Distance to Line
– Distance to Start
– Line Bearing
– Distance to line
– Simple Start Page
– Race Timer

Data during (use Page Builder to set up your pages)
– Boat Speed Water
– Compass
– Course Angle
– Course over Ground
– Depth (add-on required)
– Header/Lift
– Heel
– Loadcells (add-on required)
– Pitch
– Speed over Ground
– Time
– True Wind Angle (add-on required)
– True Wind Direction (add-on required)
– True Wind Speed (add-on required)
– Velocity Made Good
– Velocity at Start

Data after:
– MAX speed
– Ten Second Average
– Top 10 Second Average

Data via Sailmon App
– Automatically logging trips
– Share, like and comment
– Session reports
– Personal highlights
– Daily results ranking
– View by leg
– Leaderboards
– Photo/video with data stamp
– Download trip (GPX, CSV or Events)

Additional features via Sailmon GOLD subscription (click here for more information)
– Compare (live) with others
– Up- and downwind performance
– Personal inferred wind directions
– Shift tracking
– Automatic comparison to best polars in class

– Non-GPS mode
– NMEA input (depth, wind and speed)
– Repeater mode (same data lay-out on different MAX units)
– Free over-the-air software updates
– E4 connection
– Windgraph
– Loadcell integration (Sailmon Gold subscription)

Electronic devices are not allowed in my class. Can I still use MAX?
If your MAX isn’t allowed in your class, you can use MAX by turning off GPS (in the menu). Shift tracking, heading, heel and pitch will remain. In the Sailmon App, you can prove that your GPS is turned off. More importantly: MAX is a perfect training tool to improve your feeling on the water. So even on moments, you don’t have MAX onboard you can rely on your training. 

Is MAX waterproof? And without ports, how do I change it?
Yes, MAX is 100% waterproof and 100% wireless. It has no batteries, no charging ports. We’ve included Wifi, Bluetooth and inductive charging to make sure it is truly waterproof, without compromising on features. You charge MAX using inductive charging. We include a charging set for you in the box.

How long does the battery last?
We guarantee an all-day battery life (+/- 16 hours) with everything turned on.

How accurate is the data?
The accuracy of MAX is 0.3 meters (under ideal conditions).

Can I see wind data?
Yes, please check our add-ons for MAX here. You can get instant apparent & true wind readings (wind sensor) and speed, depth and wind (NMEA sensors)

How do I mount MAX? And is there a special mount for my boat?
You’ll receive the standard mount set. You can also choose to buy the Mast Bracket Flat Mount. For some boats, we’ve designed special brackets (e.g. Laser, Melges, IQFOIL etc)

Is there a red light function?
MAX is designed for dinghies and sport boats. Because they primarily sail during the day, there is no red-light function.


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